Site Update!


Hey there everyone, it's James here with a quick update on the state of this slight site update and Good Value Gaming.

New logo, new colour scheme, much happiness. I also like the retro setup of the "Good Value Gaming" text, but that's just me perhaps. There might be something interesting hidden in the GVG logo bit too, but I don't think anyone will pick up on it... But yeah. Site update. Done. Boom. That was easy.

We are, surprisingly, very much alive. This may come as a shock, however my silence was somewhat mandatory. What does that mean? Well...

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About Good Value Gaming

Originally founded in 2012 and based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Good Value Gaming was originally a review site for video games as well as posting the odd news story. The original mission statement was to provide information on which games genuinely presented good value for money based on their retail price.

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